Premier FOOD makes its products even more affordable for retailers. After all, we want all Ukrainians to enjoy high-quality meat products!

Retail sales channel

Premier FOOD is developing all areas of business and sales. We want quality products to be available to everyone, which is why we consider the retail business to be our priority. That is why we are currently working not only with the market leaders of filling stations, but also with national retail chains.

Benefits of working with Premier FOOD

Our products

Chilled and frozen meat and meat products

  • Boiled sausages,
  • Semi-smoked sausages,
  • Raw smoked sausages,
  • Sausages,
  • Bratwursts,

  • Beef


Everything you need to make the most meaty hot dog

  • Hot dog sausages,

  • Sausages for hot dogs,

  • Burger patties.

Grill house

Products for specific markets, certified and manufactured according to HALAL standards

  • Sausages and cutlets of the vegan line

Our partners

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